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If you know me, you know that I LOVEEE taking baths at night (and really anytime of the day)! It’s SO relaxing and is the best way to wind down after a full day – it also helps me in other ways which I talk about later on.

​ I always bring a book or magazine with me, light a candle, and try and stay off my phone as much as possible! I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite products that I use while taking a bath, and also talk about why taking baths is part of my weekly routine.

I always always always scrub my entire body when I take a bath. It feels amazing and gets rid of all dead skin that many people don’t even realize is on their body! My skin is SO smooth after and I’m obsessed!

For my face, I use a different mask/scrub which has coffee grounds in it to really scrub away EVERYTHING!

I always take off my makeup when I’m in the tub, and I prefer to use a cleansing oil because it also moisturizes as it removes makeup – the BEST for my dry skin.

Bath bombs are also always near by and I use whichever one I’m feeling that day, or I will sprinkle in some kind of bath powder (or both hahaha)!

Taking baths is something I do multiple times a week.

I have been having TONS of anxiety lately and have found that taking a relaxing bath really helps with that. The bath powder (and often the bath bombs) will contain herbs and calming ingredients that always help with my nerves. Even on days when I cannot pinpoint what it is that is making me so anxious, taking a bath instead of a shower always seems to lessen the anxiety and help me fall asleep easier.

I definitely recommend soaking in a hot bath if you experience any kind of negative emotions – it always helps!

Talk to you guys soon.


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